The T & J Railroad   

    The wall and door used to be a fence and gate that kept the hogs separated.                    

     Now it has walls, ceiling, insulation, a heater, and leftover furniture.         
    We had to drag the table (minus legs) from the garage where it's been stored for 25 years out to its new home.


To see a drawing of the layout in a PDF file click here:  Layout Drawing 

     The buildings are printed paper and cardstock to simulate future buildings.  The blue tape will be a street.

  The pink foam pieces in this picture are the foundation of the mountain and tunnel.  
  The white paper is the pattern for the backdrop that will be painted to look like distant hills.

wiring     control panel up       control panel down
Wiring platform under the table.                                 We installed a shelf for the switches that moves down out of the way when not needed.

    Lots of work left to be done!!!   More pictures as progress is made.
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